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The Custom Process

Here we outline the stages of the custom process behind each of our custom keepsake pieces! Before placing your order with us, we encourage you to read through this section so that you understand each key stage in the custom process.

All of our custom pieces are pre-order only. We have a limited number of slots available each month. The wait time is usually between 8 and 14 weeks from the date your order is placed, until your position reaches the top of the list schedule. We appreciate the wait time can seem quite long, but we promise your position will come round sooner than you think! And, if you don’t hear from us straight away please don’t panic! You will have received an automatic response email from us confirming we have received your order and photos, this may end up in your spam folder so please be sure to check there! 

Our pre-order method allows us to give each custom order the full attention it deserves and guarantees that we have the time necessary in order to create something truly special just for you. The custom process involves our entire team at Picnic Blanket HQ, from the admin required to liaise with the customer about specifics, to Katie sculpting the charms, to the jewellery-making team moodboarding the final design, these are just some of the reasons we require this time to process your order! You may not hear from us until we begin work on your custom, but please be assured that your order is always safely stored with us. You can check the status of your order at any time by emailing and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss any queries you may have.

Step One

Placing Your Order

Once you have chosen the pieces you would like to order, and you have completed checkout, you will receive an automatic email that includes your order number (e.g. PB3257)

The next step is to send over the reference photos you would like us to use when creating your custom charms! It is best to select a small number of the best photos you have that clearly show the main features of your pet you would like recreated. For example, if your cat has a specific marking on his back, be sure to show that in the photo!

We also recommend you describe in detail any of the main features you wish to highlight on the piece in your accompanying email. If colours are difficult to distinguish we also suggest that a brief description is included.For more information on how to choose your reference photos, you can read more information on our reference photos guide, where you can see some example images along with more of our custom work! If you have chosen to order a dream custom necklace or bracelet, this means that you get to choose the overall look and design of your final piece as well! Please also make sure to include your ideas for the colour schemes and theme of the final piece in your reference photo email! These will help us in the drafting and moodboarding phase (Step 7)! Please also include your wrist size (for bracelets) or your preferred necklace length so we can make sure we get a perfect custom fit for you!

Step 2

It’s your time!

The wait is now over and your order has all our attention in the studio! We start by carefully reading through your accompanying email, making sure we fully understand your preferences and the backstory behind your order. We absolutely love to hear why you have placed your order and why your pets are so special, so definitely share this with us!

After reading your email we take our time looking through your reference photos and  make notes of the key features of each of your pets. This allows us to start creating a mental picture of the finished piece we are going to craft even before the torch is lit so that we can be as accurate as possible during the making process.

Step 3

Selecting Glass Colours

From the notes we made earlier, and from the colour information included in your accompanying email, we now move onto choosing the colour of the glass required to create your charm(s)!

With our brand new studio set up, we can easily browse and choose from our library of hundreds of colours of our specialist range of glass rods, choosing the shades and hues that will resemble your pet’s colours as closely as possible.

This is one of our most challenging steps, as the colour of unworked rods can change after they are introduced to the heat of the flame and even during their time in the kiln. This is usually a predictable change but past experience and glass knowledge really is everything here!

Did you know?
We even have to choose which specific thickness of rod is best to use based upon the specific application of the colour within the piece!

Step 4

Light the Torch!

We are now at the most exciting stage! We have our colours chosen, an understanding of your pets, and your reference photos on our workshop screen!

The torch is lit! In a similar way you may have seen in our videos on social media, we begin by sculpting the bead onto the mandrel. We then gradually and carefully build up the overall shape of the bead before delicately adding any colour and specific features to the bead that you have requested.

Once the charm is complete, it is then placed inside the kiln, which has a holding temperature of 500 degrees celsius (923 degrees fahrenheit) where it undergoes the annealing process overnight. This process adds strength and longevity to the piece and gives the glass piece a high degree of resilience, making it perfect for use within the final wearable jewellery piece.

Step 5

Cleaning, Polishing & Photos!

Once the kiln has finished its annealing cycle, the charm is carefully removed from the mandrel, then hand-reamed to remove any sharp edges from the threading hole.

The charm is then washed and hand polished and moved to our air drying unit to remove any remaining moisture.

Once dry, the charms are photographed and these are emailed over to you for your approval! If you could please reply to this email and let us know you have seen these photos we will then move onto the next step! If you have any additional requests or requirements this is the perfect time to let us know so we can make sure to arrange this for you in time!

Step 6

Finishing your Keepsake Pieces

If your custom order consists of earrings, a charm necklace or a pearly necklace the piece will now be crafted by hand in our finishing studio.

Once complete and quality checked the piece will be matched with your order form. If you have other non-custom items in your order they will now be combined together ready to be sent to you!

Finally your order will be packaged in our bespoke branded boxes and safely stowed inside our branded mailer. Your label will be printed and will be prepared for collection by our courier via a tracked service. Once collected you will receive an automatic email, which will include tracking information so you can keep an eye on the parcel’s journey to you!

Step 7

Drafting and Moodboarding for Dream Custom Necklaces and Bracelets

If you have chosen to order a Dream Custom Necklace or Bracelet, we now move onto the drafting stage of your final piece! Using the ideas, themes and colour schemes you included in your original reference email we will put together a carefully curated draft that we feel best matches your preferences and that also creates a balanced and visually pleasing piece! We will then send over a photo of this draft to your email.

You can then let us know your thoughts and if you would prefer to make any changes, substitutions or alterations! This is your custom piece so you are in charge, we just want to make it perfect for you! You can make as many changes as you like until you are in love with the piece! We will send photos to you each time we change the draft.

When you have approved the final piece, it will be finished and packaged as described at the end of step 6!

We absolutely love to see your unique keepsake pieces, so please feel free to share your order unboxing or your jewellery styled to your Instagram & Tiktok to be automatically entered into our monthly Thank you! Contest. Don't forget to tag us!

A custom keepsake piece is something that we want our customers to be able to treasure for many years to come. We will always be here to help at any point during or after the process and we feel so privileged to be able to work with you to create unique and meaningful pieces! We hope this guide has given you a clearer understanding of all the steps involved in our custom process and has answered some questions you may have had!

If you still have any questions about the custom process or wish to clarify anything prior to placing your order, please get in touch by emailing us at

Alternatively you may find the answer you’re looking for on our Dream Custom FAQ’s page!

We also recommend reading through our Custom Terms & Conditions Page prior to placing your order.



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