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Can I change my shipping address?

If you need to change your shipping address, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Once your order is on the way we are unable to alter the destination address.

Please email: and we will be happy to help!

How much will I be charged for shipping?

UK shipping is FREE on all orders over £50.

International shipping is FREE on all orders placed over £150.

For UK orders under £50 shipping costs £5

For international orders under £150 shipping costs between £10 - £15 depending on your location, this is calculated at the checkout.

What sort of shipping service do you use?

We use a very reliable international tracked service, provided by Royal Mail.

This service is available to the majority of global destinations.

The service is very secure and provides 5 stage tracking throughout the delivery process.

Please note, in the unlikely event that your location is not supported by this service an alternative service may be used at our discretion.

Can I combine two orders to save on shipping costs?

Yes! If you have already placed an order and would like to order an additional item, we are more than happy to combine two orders to the same destination address.

We can even offer to refund your shipping costs if the combined total puts your order over our free delivery threshold!

Please place your second order and email us at along with your order numbers (e.g. PB4355) and we will be happy to arrange this.


My order hasn’t arrived yet, what can I do?

Firstly, it is best to track your order using the tracking information provided.

When your order is sent this will be automatically sent to the email address you entered when placing the order.

If you need  any help with your tracking information, please get In touch by emailing:

Sometimes, for unforeseen reasons deliveries can be delayed, most delay issues typically resolve themselves within a short amount of time, however if after waiting a little longer your delivery is not progressing to your destination when tracked there may be an issue with the parcel. Please get in touch by emailing: where one of our customer service team will be happy to help.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order using the tracking information, which is sent to the email you placed your order with once your parcel has been sent.

The tracking number will be in this email along with a link to track the parcel.

If you follow the link, you should be able to see an update of where your parcel is. If you are an international customer, the parcel will be handed from royal mail to your local provider. (e.g. the USPS).

You will be able to track your parcel further using your local provider’s tracking system.

The link to this is at the bottom of the royal mail page under the button “continue tracking”.This should provide a more accurate update for the parcel’s location.

Please note that even once the parcel is sent it may take 24-48 hours for the tracking to update. This is very common with orders sent internationally and nothing to worry about.

Depending on the destination, the parcel may also be held up at your country's customs. If necessary your local customs authority will contact you directly with information on how to proceed. 

Will I pay Customs, Duty or VAT on my order?

If you have any questions regarding customs, duty or VAT when importing our products we strongly recommend contacting your local customs or relevant government authority to determine which rates may apply to you. Please do this prior to placing your order.

Picnic Blanket cannot be held liable for any fees, customs charges, Duty or VAT that may be added to your order by your local customs authority.

Returns & Exchanges

Can I return an item?

If you would like to arrange a return or exchange, please email: where we will be happy to help.

If you could please let us know the reason you would like to return or exchange the item, this enables us to provide the easiest solution as quickly as possible.

Please include in your email the name you placed your order with and your order number (e.g. PB3455)

Please note that some items may not be eligible for return or exchange (e.g. earrings) please refer to the our refund policy in the footer of this page.

Please note that return parcels are the sender’s responsibility until they are received by us. picnic blanket cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or delays caused by third party couriers.

We highly recommend safely packaging your returns and using a tracked, signed for and insured service if returning items to us.

Custom Items

What does the custom process look like?

For a detailed explanation of the process please have a look through our custom process page.

What can I expect my custom to look like?

To help give you an idea of what you can expect your custom charms and pieces to look like, you can view our gallery of previous work here.

All of our charms are made in our unique artistic style and are intended to be a representation of your pets, instead of a sculptured copy.

All of our custom charms are based on the same shape/style/pose of their non-custom counterparts! For more information please refer to the “what are the limitations to custom charms?” tab below.

What are the limitations to custom charms?

All of our charms are made in our unique artistic style and are intended to be a representation of your pets, instead of a sculptured copy.

We will always try our very best to capture the main features of your pets but due to the nature of glasswork, compatibility of certain colours and the physical size of the charms there are some limitations to certain elements of your pets features we can incorporate.

Below are some of the most common requests we recieve and our response to them <3

Hair & Fur

Due to the nature of glass work, the finished surface is typically very smooth and we aren’t able to show protruding detail such as hair and fur. We can however offer to build up a specific location with glass to make the area appear larger (e.g. a fluffy tail!)

Eye Colour

We make all of our charms with simple black eyes as we feel this gives them the cutest appearance and makes the bead very pretty!

We have spent a lot of time experimenting with various colours specifically to show eye colour variation.

We don’t feel the results work well with the overall bead and take away from the finished piece.

Due to the physical scale of the bead, the eyes are typically <1mm across and accuracy with colour layers on such a small area isn’t achievable. 

Bead Modifications | Pose Style

Custom charms are made in the same shape, style and pose as our non-customised charm.

For example a custom kitty charm will have a similar appearance to our non-customised charms but will of course incorporate your kitties unique markings and colourings!

We can sometimes accommodate requests, such as short tails or missing ears so please feel free to request modifications similar to this on your email accompanying your reference photos.

If you have any other questions regarding any modifications, please get in touch by emailing: prior to placing your order.

Face Shape, Expression | Facial Orientation

As we try to work using our standard charm shapes, we sometimes aren’t able to sculpt specific features into your custom charms.

We are also limited slightly by the nature of molten glass and the laws of thermodynamics, as the shapes formed when sculpting glass under intense heat are typically soft circles. Glass tends to want to be round and bubbly!

Specific Markings Shape | Location

We always try our very best to accurately capture the markings of your pets on the custom charm, however glass can be challenging to apply to charms very accurately and some colours also have a tendency to blend into each other more freely than others.

As a result this may limit the accuracy achievable in specific instances. We highly recommend that if you have specific markings you would like to capture, please include them in bullet points with your email accompanying your reference photos.

If you have any questions or queries regarding specific elements of your custom charm or piece, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing: where we will be more than happy to talk your ideas through!

What should I include in the reference photos email?

We recommend including the following information in the email accompanying your reference photos:

  • A short back story to your pets and why you are ordering (only if you’d like to tell us)
    we love to read these!<3
  • Your full name and order number (e.g. PB4355, John Smith)
  • A select few photos (4 maximum) of each pet, taken in good consistent light, clearly displaying their main features and colours.
  • If the colours are hard to distinguish, please also include a brief description of their colours to help us choose the right glass!
  • A short description of the main features you would like captured in the charm, please see our custom limitation section before making a request or email us for clarification, ideally prior to ordering.
  • Dream Custom Bracelet/Necklace Only
    If you have ordered a dream custom piece, please also include your ideas for the style, theme and color scheme you would like to see in your first draft!
  • Please also include your wrist size so we can size your bracelet accordingly
  • Please also include your preffered necklace length, if you require a longer or shorter size than our standard options.

Can I request beads or charms I haven’t seen before or that aren’t offered?

Unfortunately we are only able to offer custom pieces based on the charms we currently offer.

We are releasing new collections all the time, so if you have an idea for a bead that we haven’t yet made please do let us know on our socials!

We also highly recommend signing up to our newsletter here, this will make sure you don’t miss any updates or new collection releases from us!

What are Dream Custom Necklaces and Bracelets?

Our dream custom necklaces and bracelets give you the opportunity to create your own custom pet charms as well as design the necklace or bracelet that they will be on!

Dream customs are available for each type of pet we currently offer and you can have up to two custom pet charms on each piece.

The design, style, theme and colour scheme of the necklace are all up to you!

Just include your ideas in the reference photo email and we will use this to create the first draft of your piece once we have made your custom charms!

If you’d like additional charms added to your piece, custom or non-custom, please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

Please note that if you would like an additional non-custom feature charms on your piece there may be an additional charge, depending on the quantity of charms and the type of charms.

If you would like to ask any questions before placing your order you can reach us by emailing:

Just let us know your ideas and we will be more than happy to talk through your options!

Can I still design my own bracelet or necklace, if I don’t want any custom charms?

Yes! If you’d like to create your own custom piece, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing: and we will be more than happy to talk through your ideas!

Please note: the charms on your piece must be chosen from the pieces we currently offer (e.g. we can’t offer to make charms we haven’t made before).

Can I add custom charms to my piece?

If you would like to add additional custom charms to your piece, we can typically arrange this for an additional fee.

To arrange this, please get in touch again, by emailing:


What is the Thank You Contest?

You can find out all about our thank you contest and how to enter by visiting our Thank You Contest page.

Will my order arrive in time for Christmas!?

If placing an order intended to be given as a gift for Christmas, we highly recommend ordering as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Please bear in mind that as we hand make all of our glass pieces to order that we have a lead time of 1-2 weeks as standard on our pieces. In our experience International and UK

Domestic courier services typically get overwhelmed during the holiday period and as a result delays can occur.

To Guarantee christmas delivery, our order cut off dates for standard items are:

UK Delivery - 6th December

USA (Mainland) International Delivery - 1st December

International Delivery - 29th Nov

If you have missed these cut off dates, we may still be able to process your order, please email: with your requirements and we will do everything possible to help.

Alternatively, If you would like to order a last minute gift we now offer e-gift cards.

This is a perfect option if you’re not sure which pieces to give or if you have missed our order cut off dates.

You can find these under the “Shop” tab.

We offer a wide range of values and they are delivered to you instantly!

As we have a lot longer pre-order time for custom orders, we have a much earlier cut off to guarantee Christmas delivery.


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